Personal Tax Preparation

Personal Tax Deadline
1040 Filing Deadline is April 15

Extension Form & Deadline

1040 4868 Extension through October 15

Personal Tax Checklist
W-2 & 1099
Other Employee Compensation
Interest and Dividends
Rents and Royalties
Sales of Stock, Personal Residence and Other Property
Pensions and Annuities
Unemployment Compensation
Social Security and Railroad Retirement Benefits
Business and Farm Income
Partnership and Trust Income
State and Local Income Tax Refunds
Gambling and Lottery Winnings
Scholarship and Fellowships
Other Miscellaneous Income

Deductions and Credits

Tax Return Preparation Fees
Medical Expenses
Home Mortgage Interest
Investment Interest and Expenses
Charitable Contributions, both Cash and Property
Out-of-pocket Expenses for Volunteer Services
Union and Professional Dues
Child and Disabled-Dependent Care Expenses
Job-Seeking Expenses
IRS and Keogh Plan Contributions
Expenses for Business Use of Car
Business Travel and Entertainment Expenses
Alimony Paid
Moving Expenses
Real and Personal Property Taxes
Casualty and Theft Losses
Qualified Educational Expenses
Vocational and Job-Related Expenses
Business Credits
State and Local Income Tax Payments
Property Taxes